Just who is Ava Reid?

Ava Reid sees herself as an ordinary girl. Not beautiful, not plain, but somewhere in between. I guess a lot of you are just like her.

So what does Ava look like? Well, she’s nine years old. She’s got masses of curly red hair. She thinks it’s puffy and annoying, but I think it’s beautiful. She’s also got bright blue eyes. She wears clothes her mother chooses because she doesn’t like to go shopping.

 Ava is very smart. But she doesn’t want people to know that. Because if they knew, they’d call her a nerd.

 Ava wants to fit in and take part in all the fun things at school. But two girls – Fallon Connolly and Kiana Kamaka – have it in for her. Whenever they can, they call her names and take her stuff. Ava doesn’t know why. She wishes they’d just get lost. But they won’t.

 You can meet Ava in the Birdgirl series. Check out these titles:

Swimming surprises

Cross country capers

Athletics antics


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