A Mother’s Day miracle

Gentleness doesn’t get work done unless you happen to be a hen laying eggs.

-Coco Chanel


You might remember that I found a cockatiel in my backyard nearly three weeks ago. I haven’t tracked down its owner, so I still have it.

We call the cockatiel Birdie Num Num (The Party – Peter Sellers), or Num Num for short. We’ve also been calling it ‘he’ because it calls a lot, especially to the huge flock of corellas that flies over our house each day. Male cockatiels are supposed to be more vocal.

Yesterday (Mother’s Day) my husband said, “You’ve got to take a photo of this. It’s really cute.”

I grabbed my camera and walked into the bedroom. My husband lay down and I saw Birdie Num Num lying on his pillow, right beside his head. As I snapped a few photos, Birdie Num Num started to move his tail.

“He looks like he wants to lay an egg,” I said.

The movements became pronounced rotations. Suddenly I saw a small white egg under … her.

It was Mother’s Day, and we had a new mother in the house!

Australian parrots



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