Helping others

‘Tis not enough to help the feeble up, but to support them after.

-William Shakespeare

Last Tuesday I heard an unusual bird call in my back yard. It sounded a bit like a King Parrot’s call, and a male had visited the week before, so I went outside to investigate.

As I scanned the gum trees, I noticed that a neighbour’s cat was in our backyard. I heard the bird call again. The cat heard the bird call again. It put its ears forwards and flattened its body.

I looked on the ground under the gum trees and saw a small yellow parrot with a perky crest.

A cockatiel! I thought.

I called my husband, and luckily he appeared straight away. He went over to catch the cockatiel while I tried to divert the cat. My job wasn’t easy. The cat was determined. It got to within 2 metres of the cockatiel before my husband scooped the bird up.

We took the cockatiel inside and I quickly set up a spare mouse cage. I put parrot seed and water in dishes then my husband put the bird into the cage. It ate. And ate. And ate. I’ve never seen a bird eat for so long. It ate for most of the day and for most of the following days.

I rang the local pet shops and vets and put notices up in the local shops. But no-one has claimed the cockatiel and it has been with us for a week now.

I have never had a pet bird and I have never wanted one because I hate to see birds locked in cages. But I really enjoyed rescuing this little one and I am really enjoying feeding it and keeping it safe too. It’s obviously a pet that can’t fend for itself in the wild. So now I have a dilemma …

Australian parrots



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