Feeling free

Freedom is the oxygen of the soul.

– Moshe Dayan

A few weeks ago I went out looking for birds of prey (as usual). I didn’t find any, but I found something different, and, as it turned out, even better.

As I scanned the skies, I saw pelicans riding a thermal. And not just a few pelicans, but dozens of them. They were slowly spiralling upwards, without haste or purpose.

As I watched in wonder, I tried to put myself in their place.

What would they be feeling? I was sure they would be in a perfect state of relaxation and I wished with all my heart that I was one of them.

We can’t ride thermals unaided, but we can do things that make us feel free. Like running down a hill on a windy day. Or body surfing all the way to shore on the crest of a perfect wave.

How wonderful it is to feel without thinking; to move without travelling to a destination.

As adults we can barely claw our way out of the crushing pile of “got to do this”, “got to make this”, got to pay this” and “go to go here”.

As the pelicans soared so high that I could barely see them among the dancing dots in front of my eyes, I vowed to fit some ‘pelican moments’ into my life.

Australian water birds –  COMING SOON!


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