Wanting what someone else has

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.



Why do we sometimes want what someone else has? Why do we think that what someone else has must be better than what we have?

Yesterday Child Number One wanted to go to the shops to buy his family Easter eggs. He chose some for his father, some for his mother and ummed and ahhed about whether to buy some for Child Number Two. He decided to, but said “I’ll probably regret this.”

Today he proudly gave his father and mother and Child Number Two the Easter eggs. Child Number Two was surprised and commented that one brand wasn’t very good and may have made her feel sick last year.

Mid-morning, Child Number One got himself some corn chips, the last in the packet. Child Number Two came out of her room, demanded some, then ranted and raved about Child Number One being greedy and eating them all. Not surprisingly, Child Number One regretted his decision to buy Child Number Two the Easter eggs.

I see birds doing the same thing. There can be a carcass with plenty of meat on it, but ravens will chase a bird of prey a considerable distance to try and make it drop the piece it has.

When I watch them, I wonder Wouldn’t life be easier if you just found your own?

Birds of prey

Australian daytime birds of prey


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