Losing a pet

It’s so painful to lose a pet.

As I sit here writing, my head is full of memories of my beautiful dot and dash butterflyfish, which I just discovered lying dead in the bottom of the tank.

Its death was a great shock to me because it didn’t have any signs of sickness or disease. I think it died of old age, because people think butterflyfishes live for 12 years, and it was 16 years old.

A fish isn’t a pet you can cuddle or play with. But it can represent a special time in your life.

When I got this fish, I was (relatively) young and fit. I had the time and freedom to dive on the weekends.

When I dived, I marvelled at the world below the ocean surface. When I was at home, I gazed at the fish in the tank in the lounge room. How lucky I was to have a little piece of the reef in my own home.

The dot and dash butterflyfish is one fish out of about twenty in the tank. But it doesn’t matter how many I have, I miss the one that’s not there anymore. The others are beautiful too, but this one had a special place in my heart.

RIP my beautiful dot and dash butterflyfish.


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